Alkas 7-Watt DEEP ERGI Concealed LED Bulb – One Year Warranty

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  • Includes: 7 Watts DEEP ERGI Concealed LED Bulb
  • Wattage: 7 Watts
  • Warranty: One Year Warranty
  • Light Color: White
  • Energy Savings
  • Cool Day White
  • Shipping Charges Free


We use best-grade material in assembling this scope of these Bulbs.

Light fixtures that are recessed in the roof to sparkle down on a house are called ” Concealed Lights/downlights. Sometimes called can lights or pot lights. LED downlights may be hooked up into existing fixtures by removing the original bulb and trim before tightening a LED module connector into the socket.

Concealed Lights/Downlights are one of the most well-known lighting decisions for any home, bringing a continuing composure in your kitchen, restroom or living areas. You can match it directly in the Junction boxes on your roof (OR) you can additionally deploy it to your false ceiling for primary lighting fixtures or ornamental lighting.

you can make a splendid environment in the open regions of your home by introducing our LED downlights. Enlighten massive areas of your nursery and spots like stadiums and parks that need a huge amount of lighting. These LED downlights provide an ideal spread of light to your interior and even as to the open areas.

The light source is used to cover the interior of the building decoration, and the LED light source is not exposed and does no longer disturbs the eye pores and skin.

Product Details:
Sr. No.
1 Generic Name Energy Saver B22
2 Operating Voltage 220V-240V
3 Input Voltage 140v-270v ac
4 Lighting Type LED
5 Base Type B22
6 Power Consumption Wattage 7W
7 Lighting Color Cool Daylight
8 Luminous(Lighting) Efficiency >110lm/W
9 Input Frequency 50 HZ
10 CRI >85
11 Power Factor >0.90
12 Color Temperature 6500K
13 Body Material PVC with Aluminium Insert
14 Dimensions LxWxH 5.5 × 5.5 × 10 cm
Sr. No. Sr. No.
1 Ultra Bright 1 Proud to be a Made in India Product
2 Energy Savings 2 Power Saving
3 Long Life 3 ECO Friendly
4 Zero Mercury(Hg) Product 4 Instant Start
5 Indoor use only 5 Long and Durable LED Life
6 Instant Bright Light 6 Corrosion Resistance
7 Non Dimmable 7 Easy Installation
8 Eye Friendly
9 No UV Effect


These Concealed Light/downlights Raw Material are widely used in various types of lighting such as Hotels, Hospitals, Home Lighting, Office Lighting, Shopping malls, Indoor Lighting, Commercial Lighting & Common Area Lighting etc.

7W Concealed Light, Concealed Light, Down Concealed Light, Home Decoration Concealed Light, Down Light.

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