Alkas B22 15W-8W-0.5-Watt Multi-wattage All Round LED Bulb – One Year Warranty

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  • Includes: 15W-8W-0.5-Watt Multi-wattage Alkas B22 All Round LED Bulb
  • Wattage: 15W-8W-0.5-Watt Multi-wattage
  • Warranty: One Year Warranty
  • Light Color: White
  • Energy Savings
  • Cool Day White
  • Shipping Charges Free


We use best-grade material in assembling this scope of these Bulbs.

These All-Rounder LED Bulbs used in Hotels, Bars, corridors, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Museums, Galleries, etc.
All Rounder Bulb is also called Adjustable Light Bulb or 3 in 1 LED Bulb. It has three wattage alternatives available in one bulb. They can be simply exchanged between Bright, Right and Night light mode by just turning them OFF and ON once more. It permits the consumer to regulate the light within the space so per their need. An all Rounder Bulb offers three wattage choices: 15-Watt, 8-Watt and 0.5-Watt in a single bulb.

You can easily change rapidly from one electrical power to the opposite electrical power by switching off and turning on the switch. This allows for the buyer to choose the right amount of surrounding lighting while performing various exercises during different time the day.

Adjust It according to your needs:-
(1). Switch it on once for 15W white light (Bright Mode)
(2). Switch off and on again for 8W white light (Right Mode)
(3). Switch off and on yet again for 0.5W light (Night Mode)

Product Details:
Sr. No.
1 Generic Name Energy Saver B22
2 Operating Voltage 220V-240V
3 Input Voltage 140v-270v ac
4 Lighting Type LED
5 Base Type B22
6 Power Consumption Wattage 15W
7 Lighting Color Cool Daylight
8 Luminous(Lighting) Efficiency >110lm/W
9 Input Frequency 50 HZ
10 CRI >85
11 Power Factor >0.90
12 Color Temperature 6500K
13 Body Material PVC with Aluminium Insert
14 Dimensions LxWxH 5.5 × 5.5 × 10 cm
Sr. No. Sr. No.
1 Ultra Bright 1 Proud to be a Made in India Product
2 Energy Savings 2 Power Saving
3 Long Life 3 ECO Friendly
4 Zero Mercury(Hg) Product 4 Instant Start
5 Indoor use only 5 Long and Durable LED Life
6 Instant Bright Light 6 Corrosion Resistance
7 Non Dimmable 7 Easy Installation
8 Eye Friendly
9 No UV Effect


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