Medium LED Bulb Starter Kit



Medium LED Bulb Starter Kit Package Contains:-

1 B22 Cap Punching Machine,
1 Tikki Fitting Machine,
200 Pieces Screws,
1 Cutter,
1 Iron 25W,
50-gram Solder Wire,
15-gram Solder Flux,
50-gram Heat Sink Compound,
100 Pieces B22 Nikel Cap With Wire,
100 Pieces 9W 57mm PP Housing Body,
100 Pieces 9W DOB MCPCB,
100 Pieces 9W Packaging Box

Additional information

Weight 8000 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 30 cm
Business Kits

Alkas LED Bulb Stall, Medium LED Bulb Starter Kit, Small Starter LED Bulb Kit


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